Disaster Preparedness with Pets

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Dear Pet Owners,

Click here to download our complimentary guide: Disaster Preparedness with Pets

On behalf of Braden River Animal Hospital and North River Animal Hospital, we have prepared the following Disaster Preparedness reference to assist in creating an emergency action plan with your pet in mind. This guide overviews proactive steps that can be taken to better prepare owners if or when an evacuation with a pet(s) is necessary. Intended to be utilized in conjunction with a larger family disaster plan already in place, checklists in this guide can be used to create an evacuation plan and pet-specific emergency kit that addresses the separate needs of both dogs and cats that may occur during emergency situations.

While living in our beautiful Gulf Coast region of Florida, it is important to remember that our area is not just relegated to the threats of wind, rain and flooding with the arrival of Hurricane Season during the summer months. Families can be displaced without warning by other natural and man-made disasters which can crop up at any time. The devastating effects caused by fire, tornadoes, hazardous spills and more can pose a safety hazard to your family and pets year-round. Creating a sound disaster preparedness plan can give pet owners the best chance of improving their circumstances if an emergency situation does arise.

Need help with creating a Disaster Preparedness plan for your pet(s)? Please don’t hesitate to call our office during regular operating hours. A member of our veterinary team will be happy to assist you with any questions.


The Doctors and Staff
Braden River Animal Hospital
and North River Animal Hospital

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