Dr. Tania Mahinda

Dr. Tania MahindaAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Tania Mahinda joins our veterinary team from California. She moved to Sarasota, FL in July 2017 with her husband, two dogs (Sasha and Fiona), and a cat (Q-Tip) to be closer to her family after having spent over a decade living in California. She has been practicing small companion animal medicine in the Sarasota area since she moved here.

As a child Dr. Mahinda grew up surrounded by dogs and cats. They all held a special place in her heart and, today, continue to be her steadfast companions and are a source of joy and comfort to her. Growing up, Dr. Mahinda was always fascinated with the inner workings of the human body and seemed to be naturally drawn to the sciences. This interest led her to pursue a degree in Biology. She graduated from from Cornell College in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Following graduation, Dr. Mahinda started what would become a 15-year career in the pharmaceutical industry working on clinical trials for new drug development.

During her career in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Mahinda took a 3-year break to pursue a graduate degree. She received a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with emphasis in pharmacology from the University of Missouri in 2003 following which she continued her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Towards the end of her career in the pharmaceutical industry, one of her beloved pets, a grey tabby named PJ, developed GI lymphoma. PJ went through weeks of chemotherapy and survived to live four more years as a content and spoiled kitty. Through the years of PJ’s post-chemotherapy follow-up care, Dr. Mahinda developed a close relationship with his veterinary oncologist and she met and talked with many other pet lovers experiencing the same difficulties and emotions associated with having a sick pet. Through these experiences Dr. Mahinda was inspired to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Mahinda graduated from the University of California, School of Veterinary Medicine, in 2017. Her background includes numerous volunteer experiences at spay and neuter clinics in the United States and  Costa Rica, private practice externships in California and Florida, an externship at Blue Pearl Specialty Clinic in Florida, and summer clinic rotations through the Orthopedic Surgery and Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Services at the University of California.  Dr. Mahinda is especially interested in Cardiology and Oncology. Her goals are to advocate for her patient’s health and well-being while assisting and supporting pet owners with making informed decisions about their pet’s healthcare and, ultimately, making a difference in all their lives.

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