Hurricane Protection for Your Pets

First and foremost, most shelters will not accept pets. Manatee County now has three shelters that accept pets, Lincoln Middle School, Lee Middle School and Manatee High School. All pets must be in carriers or kennels and be up to date on all vaccinations. Be prepared to offer proof of vaccinations. These shelters will fill up very quickly so it is best to find a veterinarian or pet motel where you can reserve a place for your pet, and make a practice run so that you will know exactly how to get there. Find out what vaccines the kennel requires to board your animal and get those vaccines for your furry friend as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s vaccination records.

Braden River Animal Hospital is in a Level A evacuation zone; we will not be able to board your pets.
Braden River Animal Hospital recommends the following kennel:

ACE Pet Resort
Tel: 921-4355

If you plan to take your animals with you when you leave the area, make a hurricane emergency kit for each animal. Food, water and any current medications should be included. Don’t forget a few toys, a good carrier and some familiar bedding. A sturdy carrier is very important if you’re traveling with pets that are not used to car rides.

If you plan to stay in your home during the storm, make sure that there is a protected area in your home for you and your pets. Plan to put your pets in crates or carriers during the worst of the storm. You don’t want to take the chance of having them escape if your home is damaged. Also make sure that you have enough pet food, medications and water to last your pet for several days.

Identification of pets is very important. The best identification is the microchip. A chip implanted under the skin between your pet’s shoulders serves as a permanent ID. Animal Control workers scan the animals in search of the chip that carries a unique number. The number leads to the owner, the owner’s veterinarian and a person picked by the owner as back up. Braden River Animal Hospital offers Microchips for both cats and dogs. It is a very simple procedure that takes just a few minutes.

Pet Survival Kit

  • Current photo of your pet
  • Proper ID Collar and rabies tag
  • Carrier or cage
  • Leash
  • Two week’s supply of food and water
  • Water/Food Bowl
  • Any necessary medication
  • Newspapers, cat litter pan, cat litter, trash bags
  • Non-electric can opener
  • Proof of Vaccinations

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